Jul 012014

3 Minute Ab Workout

This 3 minute ab workout is perfect for you, if you are in rush and haven’t got much time for workout.

3 Minute Ab Workout

Step by step instruction for 3 minute ab workout:

1. Mountain Climbers (30 Seconds)

Lie on your front and get balance with your palms and legs (toes) then lift your body up in the air. Bring your knees at front to chest one by one. Do mountain climbers for 30 secs.

2. Crunches (30 Seconds)

Lie on your back. Bend your knees and touch the flour with leg for support and keep your hands behind your head. Then lift your head up. Do crunches for 30 secs.

3. Plank Slides (30 Seconds)

Get in plank position. Take your left leg out and bring it back without touching the floor. Do this for 15 secs. Now switch the leg and do same move for right leg for 15 secs.

4. V Crunch (30 Seconds)

Lie on your back. Keep your arms straight over the head touching the floor. Then lift your upper body up and legs up and get in ‘V’ shape. Do this move for 30 secs.

5. Plank Hops (30 Seconds)

Get in plank position. Now out your legs on side with hopping and get back in the position. Then hop at front in the middle and get back. Do plank hops for 30 secs.

6. Full Sit Up (30 Seconds)

Lie on your back. Keep your arms straight over head. Now lift your upper body in sitting position and try to touch your toes. Get back slowly. Do full sit ups for 30 secs.

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