Nov 062014

6 Healthy Food Swaps To Save 100 Calories Intake

6 miner changes to your diet can help you lose up to 10 pounds a year! The easy and lazy way to lose weight is control the caloric intake by food swaps that is “one food for another one” – means you swap breads for lower-calorie breads, or chips for lower-calorie chips. Here are some of the 6 healthy food swaps which will still satisfy your appetite.

6 Healthy Food Swaps To Save 100 Calories Intake

The list of 6 Healthy Food Swaps To Save 100 Calories Intake:

Potato Chips Swap For Popped Chips

If you are craving for potato chips (which will average about 300 calories for 57gms), swap the potato chips for popped chips. They are around 240 calories for the same 57gms and it will save you 60 or more calories. Enjoy the same taste for less calories.

Chocolate Ice Cream Swap For Chocolate Fudge Pop

Chocolate fudge pop contains only 100 calories. Compare to the one cup of chocolate ice cream which contains nearly 300 calories. Now you can have two chocolate fudge pops and still save yourself 100 calories. What do you think of this, huh?

Cheese Slices Swap For Sprinkled Cheese Topping

You can enjoy this satisfying snack cheese without overeating it and stuffing extra calories in your body. One tablespoon of Parmesan cheese has contains only 22 calories, while one slice of cheese contains around 100 calories. Two tablespoon will be more than enough for one sandwich or burger saving you more than 50% calories than one slice of cheese.

Bagel Swap For English Muffin

Don’t cut the carbs entirely from your diet but just choose better bread. Like for breakfast, swap a bagel which contain as many as 400 calories for a 150 calorie English muffin, and save yourself whopping 250 calories.

Sausage Link Swap For Two Slices Of Bacon

Nothing is better than a crispy bacon slice. You can enjoy two slices of bacon and it only contains about 80 calories (40 calories in each bacon slice), which is almost 100 calories less than one pork sausage link which contains around 170 calories.

Spaghetti Swap For Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti squash contains about 31 calories per cup and It is a great alternative to real pasta which contains about 221 calories per cup. Once the squash is baked, the inside of the squash easily shreds into spaghetti like strands. Toss the spaghetti squash with your favorite pasta sauce and you can save almost 200 calories while enjoying noodles!

Please note that calorie counts are approximate.

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