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7 Days Diet Plan for Weight Loss – Diet To Lose 10 Pounds

Please consult professional before doing this 7 days diet plan.

7 Days Diet Plan for Weight Loss – Diet To Lose 10 Pounds Day by Day Diet Plan

7 Days Diet Plan for Weight Loss -  Diet To Lose 10 PoundsDay 1

Only Fruits Diet: You can eat as much as fruits you want for all day except bananas on day 1. Eat fruits whenever you feel hungry. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water.

At the end of the day you should have at least consumed the equivalent of 4 apples, 2 oranges, a watermelon and 2 pomegranates.

Avoid: Bananas and Fruit Juice.

Day 2

Only Vegetables: You can eat baked potatoes (once), raw vegetables and boiled vegetables with some salt and pepper on day 2. Eat as much as vegs you need. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water.

Avoid: Cream, Butter, Milk and Oil.

Day 3

Fruits and Vegetables: You can eat as much fruits and vegetables as you can on day 3. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water. Vegetables can eaten as form of raw or boiled. Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water.

Avoid: Cream, Butter, Milk, Cheese, Potatoes, Fruit Juices and Oil.

Day 4

Banana Day: You can only eat bananas today. You can also have 3 glasses of semi skimmed milk without sugar or anything on day 4. You can also have bowl of any vegetable soup (cabbage soup is recommended). Eat maximum 8-10 bananas and drink at least 8-10 glasses of water.

Avoid: Anything else other than what is recommended.

Day 5

Tomatoes and Rice: You can eat one small bowl of boiled brown rice, six tomatoes, two apples, one bowl of salad, half glass of semi skimmed milk, one orange, one grapefruit and one small bowl of fruit on day 5. Non-vegetarian can have lean fish instead of rice. Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water.

Avoid: Fruit Juices and Oil.

Day 6

Vegetables and Rice: You can have one small bowl of boiled brown rice, one small bowl of boiled vegetables and one bowl of salad or soup on day 6. Non-vegetarian can have lean fish instead of rice. Drink at least 10 glasses of water.

Avoid: Fruit Juices and Oil.

Day 7

Vegetables, Fruits and Rice: You can have one small bowl of boiled brown rice, one small bowl of boiled or cooked vegetables and fruits as much as you can on day 7. Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water.

Avoid: Fruit Juices and Oil.

Try this 7 Days Diet Plan for Weight Loss yourself and Lose 10 Pounds in a week.

  85 Responses to “7 Days Diet Plan for Weight Loss – Diet To Lose 10 Pounds”

  1. QUESTION: im vegan and im wondering if soy milk will substitute regular milk in this diet.. i also am allergic to bananas >.< any alternatives, please? D:

    • Yeah, Soy milk can be substitute for regular milk. For banana substitute look for fruits which have almost all vitamins and energy. Banana has got most vitamins apart of Vitamin C. I would go for 3-4 medium size Cantaloupe to replace banana. Cantaloupe hasn’t got same vitamins as banana but somehow similar apart of few difference.

  2. I cant eat tomatoes. . What can I eat instead?

    • To be honest I don’t see any substitute for tomatoes. What I would do, I would go for chopped mix pepper with pinch of crushed black pepper, a pinch of salt and a dash of lemon juice. You can roast to make flavourful. You can also look into fruits for substitute as well as tomato is a fruit.

  3. do i have to eat 1 whole watermelon on day one becuase its not the season for watermelons and they usually taste really bitter.. also can i eat a salad on the vegetable day with a little bit of dressing?

    • Try small or half. How can you say it’s bitter? I find watermelon very sweet and refreshing. And obviously they are full of water.

      • Hi, I’m 138 lbs right now and I wanted to know that if i stick with this diet for a maximum of 2 weeks and exercise regularly is it possible if I can loose a lot of body fat and be 125 lbs by the end of my diet..i just want to know if this actually works?

        • Indeed it does work. I have lost myself using this same diet 8.6 lb in seven days. I don’t like going in starve mode as I don’t want to mess my metabolism. So eat every so often but little at a time. If you want to carry on for 2 weeks, increase the fruit quantities and eat often (like every 2-3 hours). It will maintain and boost your metabolism and when you start eating normal, you won’t be likely putting weight back again. All I am saying is listen to your body requirements.

  4. on day 5 it says diet fruit, what is diet fruit?

  5. so when doing this diet you literally only eat what it says? like for example, fruit day, i only eat fruit the whole day?

  6. I’m allergic to fruit. Any alternatives?

  7. I ate an avocado on day 2, didn’t know it is a fruit 🙁

    • No worries. Still there are some debates about avocado is fruit or vegetable. As long as you stick with the low calorie diet, you can go fully veg diet or fruit diet. Just remember don’t starve yourself. It creates wrong impact to our body.

  8. Can I add “flavor” to my water by adding sliced lemon and mint leaves? What about cucumber or watermelon slices?

  9. Can I do workouts during the diet

  10. On day 4 and am constipated!!! Is this normal? Is there a day this breaks loose?

    • You should consult the doctor. There is no way you get constipated doing this diet as it is fibre based diet. Make sure you have plenty of water and all recommended fruits and veggies.

  11. What about coffee? Can u drink that or tea w this diet as part of the water or need be just water?

  12. Has anyone else tried this? Is this just water weight you are losing? After do you go back eating normal? How much do you gain back?

    • This diet will make you lose carbs and fat from your body. As you are in very low carb diet during this diet, so your body burns stored carbs and fat from your body. I haven’t gain any weight after going normal. That is because I am on healthy diet now. I avoid too much carbs and fat in my diet and I eat so often like every 2-3 hours small portion. Of course I drink a lot water as well.

  13. Can you use butter sprays and splenda?

    • Yes, you can add some minor changes to make your diet interesting and flavourful but don’t have too much. Most important watch out the calorie intake 🙂

  14. hi! Can I substitute coconut or almond milk for milk?

  15. I dont eat bananas. What can i substitute?

    • Banana is ideal for these kind of diets as it filled the tummy and contains most vitamins and some carbs too. Although you can substitute with melons, if you like.

  16. this is for male or female

    hi im a Male (age 25) my weight is 74 i want to lose 10 kg how many weeks i need to do this to lose 10 kg and the second day diet plan is vegetable should need to take so i can take Veg salad that is right way pls reply ASAP

    • Anyone can do this diet. Do for week and see the result then make the plan according to that to get your desired weight loss.

  17. hey i have two questions

    can i drink green tea in this diet with splenda or any sugar replacement?

    second question
    here in egypt its not the season of pomegranates , orange or grapefruit what should i do what to eat instead


  18. starting this simple and easy diet from tomorrow.. hope it works.. I am 130 pounds.. will I be surely losing weight and what kind of exercises should I follow to enhance the effect

  19. can you do this diet while breastfeeding. ?

  20. I am on day one and I am having a hard time eating as much as recommended, is it OK that I am filling full like that? So far I have only been able to eat 2 handfuls of blue berries, 3 strawberries, & 3 oranges.

    • As long as you feel full, that is fine but do not starve yourself. This diet is high nutritious. So you should get recommended 5 a day.

  21. can i eat a veggie omlette on day 2 ??

  22. Can you have mushrooms? Not sure if it would fall under the veggie catagory or not but they sound super yummy especially if I could grill them

  23. Hi, can add seasonings on boiled vegetables? like soy sauce, rosemary and oregano?

    Its day 2 and i lost so far two pounds. 🙂

  24. Is jt okay if i drink coffee or tea

  25. Hi! I am trying to loose 50 lbs, can I use this diet for as long as it takes to loose the pounds? Is that safe?? What happens when I start to eat normal foods again? Can I make an egg omelette with vegetables and a slice of ham for dinner some days if I stay on the plan for two months??

    • Aim to lose 10% of your body weight first. It is not safe or ideal to lose 50 lbs at once. after doing this diet go for alternate low-high carbs diets and increase the cold water intake in your daily routine. Do not do this diet for 2 months as your body will get used to it and you won’t lose any weight after that. Try to mixed up other diets to confused your body and get the best results.

  26. Would it be okay to squirting fresh lime or lemon juice on veggie day?

  27. can we used chicken broth to cook veggies?

  28. hi I am ready to start day 6 on the diet and I was wondering if I’m only allowed to have those 3 bowls of veggies and rice and totally avoid fruits, or if I’m allowed to have as much veggies as I want and a little bit of fruit? Thankyou

  29. Can I drink coffee? Do you recommend exercising while on this diet?

  30. Can I eat a few almonds or pistache during this diet? I am on day 2 and want to flavour my salades with a few nuts.

  31. are you allowed an lean meats?

  32. I saw something very similar but it uses chicken or turkey where you use rice. Is that OK?

  33. Are you allowed beans or tofu in the diet?

  34. May I substitute coconut milk or almond milk for milk?

  35. Can I eat baked veggies instead of raw or steamed?

  36. Can I have fruits smoothie/detox on day 1 and vege smoothie on day 2? also banana smoothie on day 4?

  37. Can I eat a banana on day 3?

  38. Today is my first day , hoping to lose 8 pounds by the end of 7th day. Then starting to eat healthier.

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