Dec 072013

Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat – 5 Mins Workout Plan

This 5 mins exercise is the best exercise to burn belly fat . This Workout plan is a simple and easy 3 steps exercise to lose belly fat.

1. The 1st step is Mountain climbers do this for 30 secs followed by,

2. 2nd steps Plank for 30 secs,

3. The 3rd steps knee, elbow crutches for 30 secs as well,

Do this exercise Mountain climbers for 30 secs, then Plank for 30 secs, and knee-elbows for 30 secs non-stop for 5 mins one after another. This is the Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat and it’s only 5 Mins Workout Plan which is pretty good for abs, cardio and of course it burns belly fat.

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