Jul 182014

Best Inner Thigh Workout

Best Inner Thigh Workout

1. Seated Hundred
Sit down on yoga mat. Lift legs up bending from knees and keeping straight. Keep arms straight. Keep the Pilates Ring between your biggest calves muscles. Press the ring for 10 times. Then keep your arms bouncing for hundred times.

2. Tweezer
Keep the ring between the legs and lie down on mat. Lift your leg up straight and get toes down. Now press the ring for 25 times. Then stretch your toes up and down for 10-15 times. Take about 10 secs rest.

3. Windmill
Get in same position as above. Get your legs down on left side without touching the floor. Then do same on right side. Do this move for 14-16 times.

4. Rolling Leg Lift
Lie on your side on yoga mat. Keep the ring between your ankles. Get support from one side forearm and keep your upper body up in the air. Now lift leg a bit to make both legs in level position then lift up. Get back down then roll back to original side position. Do these moves for 10 times. Then switch the side do 10 more moves with other side.

5. Corkscrew
Keep the ring between ankle. Lean back your upper body and get support with keeping your forearms on floor. Now move your legs clockwise. Do these moves for 10 times.

6. Thigh Squeezer
Lie down on mat, bend the knees and keep your foot on floor. Keep the ring between inner thighs.
Now get your middle body up in the air. Then press the ring for 100 times between your inner thighs. Now lift your bum up and down but don’t touch the floor. Do these moves for 10 times.

Best Inner Thigh Workout By Cassey Ho

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