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Body Slimming Workout

Step by step instructions for body slimming workout:

Body Slimming Workout

Body Slimming Workout By Cassey Ho

1. Roll Up
Lie on your back slowly on yoga mat. Take your arms straight overhead on floor. Nw lift your arms up and upper body in sitting position. Make sure your legs are straight (you can bend a little bit, if you are struggling to get up). Then slowly get back on laying position. Do roll up for 10 times.

2. Single Leg Stretch
Lie on back. Lift your head and little bit upper body as well. Keep your eyes straight and chin down. Now take your one knee to chest and extend the leg in the air. Take to your upper body as much as you can. Keep other leg straight without touching the floor. Now drop the extended leg down without touching the floor and other leg up like the first one. Keep stretching legs one after another for 15 times.

3. The Hundred
Bring your hands straight, get chin down to chest and slowly roll down to yoga mat. Lift legs up bending from knees and keeping straight. Lift your head up. Keep arms straight without touching the floor. Keep your arms bouncing for hundred times. After bouncing 50 times, get leg straight up. Then after bouncing 25 times, get the legs little bit down but keep straight and finish remaining 25 bounce. Exhale and inhale.

4. Bridge Pulse
Lie on your back. Spread your arms on shoulder level straight to legs and bend your knees, touch the floor with your legs. Now lift your core up like a bridge and bring it down without touching the floor. Do bridge raise for 45 secs.

5. Double Leg Drop
Stay in same position as above. Keep your legs straight up in the air. Now drop your legs without touching the floor and bring back up again. Do double leg drop for 60 secs.

6. Half Cobra Push Up
Lie down on your front on yoga mat. Hold the floor with your palms and lift your upper body up and get down. Do half cobra push ups for 60 secs.

7. Parachuter
Stay on your front. Spread the legs and arms. Get support on forearms. Lift your arms and legs up in the air and get them down. Do these moves for 50 secs.

8. Child’s Pose
Get on knees and your palms. Get your head down. Now squeeze your tummy in and get your chest up. Then get down. Do these moves for 20 secs.

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