Oct 092014

Boot Camp Workout

5 sets of 2 exercises and 3 plank variations exercises are in this boot camp workout.
Boot Camp Workout

Boot Camp Workout

Steps for the boot camp workout:

1. 5 Sets of Jumping Jacks and Pushups, 5 secs long each exercise:

Jumping Jacks
Get in standing position. Jump on position and spread your legs and arms (over head) in and out during jump.

Get down on front on floor. Lift your body up in the air balancing on your palms and toes. Bring your body down until the chest nearly touches the floor then get back in the air.

2. 5 Sets of Burpees and Alternating Toe Touching, 5 secs long burpees and 20 secs long alternating toe touching exercise:

Get in standing position. Jump high taking your arms up over head. Then get on floor holding floor with your palms and take legs back. Now bring leg in middle and get back in stand up.

Alternating Toe Touching
Stay on standing position. Bend on front and touch your toe or floor, take your same leg at back. Do same with other leg and arm.

3. 5 Sets of Double Crunches and Bicycles, 5 secs double crunches and 20 secs long bicycles exercise:

Double Crunches
Lie on your back on floor. Keep your hand behind your head. Bend your knees and take your legs up on eye level. Now lift your upper body up to chest and bring your knees to chest.

Stay in same position as above with your head up. Keep the legs straight but a little up in the air. Now bring your one knee to chest and get your opposite elbow to the knee like running bicycle. Do same with other knee and elbow as fast as you can.

4. 5 Sets of Skater Hops and Alternating Lunges, 10 secs skater hops and 10 secs long alternating lunges exercise:

Skater Hops
Get on standing position. Now take your left leg on the back of right leg as much as possible like hopping.

Alternating Lunges
Stay in standing position. Take your one leg at front, touch the floor with knee by folding the knee, bend other leg knee to the floor for support then get back in original position. Keep your torso straight. Do same with other leg.

5. 5 Sets of Squat and Squat & Kick, 5 secs squat and 10 secs long squat & kick exercise:

Keep a little gap between your legs then get your body down taking your back out like sitting on chair. Get back in original position

Squat & Kick
Stay in above position. Do a normal squat like above and when you get back in original position take your leg back like kicking your leg. Alternate the leg every time when you do back kicking.

6. Plank

Get on plank position balancing your body in air supporting on your palms and toes. Stay in same position for 30 secs.

7. Plank with Hip Drops

Get on forearm plank position on yoga mat. Now drop your hip on side (one side then another) without touching your body to the floor. Do the plank with hip drops for 30 secs.

8. Plank Pulls

Get on forearm plank position on yoga mat. Now pull the leg one on front on side.Do same with other leg. Do plank pulls for 30 secs.

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