Dec 072013

Burning Stomach Fat Fast Within 10 to 15 Days

Steps for the Burning Stomach Fat Fast Workout:

Burning Stomach Fat Fast


1. Plank with Leg Raise
Get on plank position balancing on your forearms and toes. Now take your leg up in the air one by one for 30 secs. Keep your tummy tight.

2. Balancing Table Pose
Get on your knees and palms. Now get your on knee to opposite arm and opposite arm to forwarded knee. Make sure you have enough balance with supported other arm and leg. Do these moves for 15 secs. Then switch the leg and arm and repeat for 15 secs.

3. Reverse Crunch
Lie on your back on yoga mat. Get your head a little up. Keep your arms straight touching the floor. Lift the leg up. Now slowly lift the legs up in the air with lifting your lower body up. Do this reverse crunch exercise for 15 times.

4. Bicycles
Stay in same position as above with your head up. Keep the legs straight but a little up in the air and bend from knees. Now start moving like running bicycle for 20 secs.

5. Single Leg Drops
Stay in same position as above. Lift the legs up straight. Now drop one leg without touching the floor. Bring it up in straight up position. Then drop another leg. Do the single leg drop for 30 secs.

6. Basic Crunch
Stay on laying position. Bend your knees touching the floor with legs. Put your hand behind the head. Bring your head up (chin by chest). Do basic crunches for 20 times.

This Burning Stomach Fat Fast Within 10 to 15 Days workout is perfect for burning stomach fat.

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