May 122015

Miranda Kerr Workout

Miranda Kerr Workout Performed by Rebecca-Louise

Miranda Kerr Workout Performed by Rebecca-Louise

Steps for the Miranda Kerr Workout:

1. Basic Crunches
Lie down on the floor with your back flat on the floor and hands beneath your head. Put the weight of your head on your hands and lift your body up. Lift as high as you can and make sure that you do not strain your neck. You just have to look out above of your knees. Do this continuously for 30 seconds. Squeeze your abdominals really very tight. Keep breathing as you crunch you body up and then go down.

2. Obliques Workout
Stay in above position. Twist around using these muscles and try to touch the sole of your shoes. These muscles will give you even more definition when you are wearing bikinis and stretchy tops. Do this for 20 seconds on each side. Hold your stomach tight while doing this so that you can get washboard abs that you want. If your neck is straining, you can use your other hand to pull that weight. The further you can put it around, the better is all you going to get.

3. Around the World
Lie straight on the floor and lift your legs up. If you feel your back is aching, bring your legs up higher. Make sure that you are supporting your lower back. Hold on to the ground if you need more support and perform 30 seconds going round first to the right and then to the left. Squeeze in your tummy as much as you can. If you feel your back is aching you can put a cushion underneath. Bring your legs up into right angle and take it out to the right side and then to the left side. Do 2 sets of 20 seconds each. Hold your abs really very tight while doing this. Stretch up your stomach and your abs all the way through the body.

You are half way through to Miranda Kerr Workout.

4. Superman
Lie down straight on your stomach and lift your arms and legs up as if you are flying like a superman. Keep your hands, legs and head in a nice straight line and keep breathing. Do this for 40 seconds. Lift up as higher as you can and squeeze your abs as tighter as you can.

5. Front-Plank
Rest you hands on the floor, and lift your body up. Your whole body should lie in a straight line and your head should look down. Do 2 sets of 30 seconds each. If you feel the need to relax a bit, bring your knees down for a while and then start again.

6. Side-Plank
Lie on your side and lift your body straight up with your arm too straight up. Do this for 30 seconds on each side.

7. Scissor Kicks
Lie straight on your back, pull your legs up and change your legs over each other like a scissor. If you can do it with your legs held lower, that’s great but if your back is coming off the floor, bring your legs up higher. Do this for 45 seconds. Raise your legs up and assume that you have a ball on top of your feet which you need to push it up with a slight raise to your waist. You need to balance that bouncing ball. Do two sets of 20 seconds. This is the last step of Miranda Kerr workout.

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