Oct 022014

HIIT Workout At Home

Seven moves in this hiit workout at home. Do each exercise for 50 secs and 10 secs rest after each exercise.

HIIT Workout At Home

Step by step instructions for hiit workout at home:

1. Plank Jack
Get on plank position balancing your body in air supporting on your palms and toes. Now jump and take your legs out. Jump back to original position. Do plank jack for 50 secs.

2. Gecko
Get on plank position balancing your body in air supporting on your forearms and toes. Now take your one arm on side and touch the floor with fingers and balance on only one arm. Do same with other arm. Do gecko moves for 50 secs.

3. Split Lunge Jump
Stay in standing position. Take your one leg at back, touch the floor with knee by folding the knee and bend other leg knee to the floor for support and jump same time. Alternate the legs. Do split lunge jump for 50 secs.

4. Pushup Plank
Do a normal pushup then take your one arm up in the air balancing on other one on the floor. Do same with other arm after doing pushup. Do pushup plank for 50 secs.

5. Burpees
Get in standing position. Jump high taking your arms up over head. Then get on floor holding floor with your palms and take legs back. Now bring leg in middle and get back in stand up. Do the burpees for 50 secs.

6. Hip Twist
Get on forearm plank position on yoga mat. Now touch your hip on side (one side then another) without touching your body to the floor. Do hip twists for 50 secs.

7. Reptile Jumps
Get on plank position balancing on palms and toes. Now jump on position (leave your palms as it is) and take your one leg on side by your waistline. Jump your leg back and same time take other leg on side by waistline.

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Feb 012014

60 Minute Summer Basketball Workout Program with Jason Otter

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Jan 222014

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