Nov 302014

Plank Workout

You will need a 3-5 lb weight for this plank workout.

Plank Workout

Steps for the plank workout:

1. Bicep Curl
Get on plank position balancing on your palms or forearms and toes. Then bend your knees and balance on floor on knees. Twist the foot with each other. Hold weight on one hand, fold your elbow and keep down to floor. Now lift your forearm 10 time slowly. Switch the weight in other arm and lift for 10 more times.

2. Tricep Kickback
Stay in above position. Keep your arm straight line as your body in the air with holding weight. Then old from elbow taking forearm down and then up in same position. Do these moves for 10 time and then switch the weight in other arm and do same moves for 10 time.

3. Elbow Raise
Stay in same position. Fold the arm from elbow with holding the weight. Now lift elbows on side and down. Keep the hand with weight in same position, just move your elbow. Do elbow raise for 10 time. Then switch the weight in other arm and do same moves for 10 more times.

4. Cobra Pushup
Get on your palms and toes. Take your bottom up taking small gap between legs and arms like upside down V shape. Do the push up by taking your body at front without touching the floor. Then get back in original upside down V shape position. Do the cobra pushup 3 times.

5. Child’s Pose
Get on your knees sitting on them. Keep your arms straight up in the air and take your arms and upper body on floor bending from waistline. Touch the floor with your arms and get the head down. Stay in this position for 5-10 secs.

6. Relaxer
Get on your knees (half standing). Twist the hands to each other. Now slowly lift arms up just a little bit and keep doing for 60 secs.

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Nov 142014

Quick Slim Down Workout

Planks and yoga poses are used in this quick slim down workout.

Quick Slim Down Workout

Step by step instructions for quick slim down workout:

1. Plank Up And Down
Get on plank position balancing your body up in the air on your palms and on your toes on mat. Now get your hip up in the air without moving your arms and legs. Then get your hip down and head up like cobra. Do these moves for 30 secs.

2. Plank With Reach
Stay in above position on your palms and toes balancing body in the air on mat. Take your one arm up in the air like trying to reach and get back then do same with other arm straight away. Do these moves 30 secs.

3. Plow Pose
Lie on your back on yoga mat. Exhale and take your legs up bending from the hip joints to slowly lower your toes to the floor above by head. As much as possible and try to touch the floor over head, keep your torso perpendicular to the floor and your legs fully extended. Then slowly take the legs in original position without touching the floor. Do plow pose for 3 times.

4. Supported Shoulderstand With Drops
When you finish last plow pose, slowly take your legs up straight and support your torso with your hands on the floor. Then drop the leg over the head one by one touching the floor. Do these moves for 4 times.

5. Boat Pose
When you finish above pose with dropping the legs, lift the upper body and feet in off the ground bending from knees and stretching your arms towards your feet. Your eyes, fingers and toes should be in a line. Keep breathing deeply and easily while maintaining the pose. Then extend the legs up and hold with your arms and bring your upper body and legs as much as close possible. Stay in the position for 5 secs. Then let the legs go down but off the floor and arms up straight over head in the air. Stay in this position for 5 secs and slowly get down.

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Apr 192014

Upper Body Workout Routine

Equipment needs:

Dumbbells or weights
Yoga Mat (Get it here: )

Warm Up

1. Jumping jack for 15 secs.
2. Crisscross for 15 secs.

Step by Step Moves for Upper Body Workout Routine.

5 exercises for 15 times:

Please your feedback after doing upper body workout routine.1. Rows and Kickbacks
Take the dumbbells or some weights in your hands and lower your body down in squat mode. Now take hands up and take back (row in and kickback). Do this 15 move times.

2. Hammer Curl with Chicken Wings
Stand in stand up position with dumbbells or some weights. Bring your arm straight from elbows (hammer curl) then lift your arms up from shoulders (chicken wings position) in shoulder level. Now bring back in hammer curl position then back to standing position. Do this move for 5 times.

3. Curls and A Jabs
Stand up in little knee bending position with dumbbells or some weights. Lift your arms up from elbows to shoulder (curl position). Then take your arm in straight position (jab position), one arm at a time.

4. Over Head Press with A Squat
Stand up with holding dumbbells and some weights. Bring your arms up from your sides (out) from elbows then lift the arms up in the air (overhead). Now get bend from knees and take your back out while bending (squat). Do this move for 15 times.

5. T-Push Ups
Get in the push up position holding dumbbells or weights on yoga mat (lay down on your front, lift your body up in the air balancing on your feet (toes) and hand. Do one push up. Now balance on one arm on your side and lift the other arm up in the air straight. Do one push up. Then balance on another arm on your other side and lift the other arm up in the air straight. Do this move for 14 times.

Haven’t got yoga mat? Get it here:

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