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How to Lose Back Fat Fast

How to Lose Back Fat Fast Exercises Video By XHIT

Do you want to lose back fat fast and an easiest way? All you need do is follow the below steps. These are very easy exercises and you can do this in your home too.

How to Lose Back Fat Fast

How to Lose Back Fat Fast

Steps for how to lose back fat fast exercises:

1. Supermans
Lie down face down on your tummy with arms and legs extended on yoga mat. Maintain your neck in a impartial position and maintain your arms and legs immediately and trunk stationary, concurrently lift your arms and legs in the upward direction of the ceiling balancing on your tummy. Grasp for two to five seconds and get back down to lying down. Then repeat the moves. Do these moves for at least 30 secs.

2. Alternating Superman Raises
Stay in above position. Maintain your neck off ground position and slowly raise one arm and the opposed leg at the similar time, until they are off the floor (same as above position). Then stay in this position for couple of seconds and slowly get back to the initial pose. Now switch the leg and arm and repeat the move. Do these moves for 30 secs.

3. Child’s Pose
Get on your knees sitting on them. Keep your arms straight up in the air and take your arms and upper body on floor bending from waistline. Touch the floor with your arms and get the head down. Stay in this position for 30 secs.

4. Wide Rows
Hold the dumbbells in your hands and get in a squatting position. Open up your arms and bend from elbows on side. Then lift the dumbbells upward on shoulder level (elbows should bend and come out on sides) and exhale. Then bring it back. Do these moves for 30 secs.

5. Inverted Rows
Stay in above position but bend from elbows in by chest. Then lift the dumbbells upward, elbows should bend get inverted to chest line and exhale. Then bring it back. Do these moves for 30 secs.

6. Hammer Rows
Get your one leg on bench balancing from knee to foot and other one on the floor. Keep same arm on bench balancing on your palm and hold the dumbbell in other arm. Now lift the arm with the dumbbell up to shoulder level. Slowly get the arm back down to the initial pose and repeat for 30 secs.

Then switch the side and do same moves for opposite arm and leg.

7. Dead Lift
Get in standing position. Take the dumbbells in both hands. Now slowly get down holding the dumbbells like doing a squat. Take the dumbbells nearly to the floor and slowly bring it up in initial position. Do these moves for 60 secs.

8. Opposite Toe Lifts
Stay in standing position keeping a little gap between your legs. Hold the dumbbell in one hand and keep other hand on your waistline. Now get down touch the opposite toe with dumbbell. Do these moves for 15 secs.

Then switch the arms and do same move with other arm to toe.

9. Seated Flys
Sit on the chair or bench. Hold the dumbbells in both hands. Now bend your upperbody down while sitting there. Then take your arms outer side with dumbbells in hands on shoulder level like you are opening the door. Do these moves for 30 secs.

Then repeat whole set from wide rows to finish off the exercises for how to lose back fat fast.

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