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How To Lose Inches Fast

How To Lose Inches Fast

3 steps for how to lose inches fast.

Step 1:
Squeeze your tummy as much as possible and hold as much as you can, then release it. Do this about 20 mins. More you do, more weight will be lost. Sometime loosen skin creates weight gaining. This exercise help you to tight your tummy skin. You can do this exercise while watching TV, working on laptop or doing nothing.

Step 2:
Walk at least 30 mins everyday. This exercise helps you to boost your metabolism. Boosted metabolism helps to lose weight fast as you burn calories while you are sitting, slipping or doing nothing. Keep 30 walks in your routine to maintain your metabolism up.

Step 3:
Do jiffy diet to lose inches fast. Jiffy Diet is basically based on low-fibre or no-fibre foods that do not require much process in tummy. As a result, you will lose bloat from body and end up slimmer. Follow below jiffy diet, you can change your preferred low-fibre or no-fibre foods. Jiffy diet lasts 1 to 7 days.

Breakfast (7 am):
A small bowl of plain yogurt;
or two scrambled eggs;
or a small pot of fromage frais.

Snack (10 am):
A small bowl of plain yogurt with some fresh strawberries, blueberries or cherries.

Lunch (12:30 pm):
A small bowl of cottage cheese and a handful of prawns;
or a tin of tuna, drained and mixed and some creme fraiche;
or a couple slices of smoked salmon with a little cream cheese.

Snack (4 pm):
A cup of coffee with 2 tablespoon of milk.

Dinner (7 am):
You can either choose one of the options from lunch,
or have a small piece of poached salmon and small bowl of plain yoghurt,
or an omelette made from two eggs — plain or with some cottage cheese.

Snack (10 pm):
If you’re hungry before you go to bed, have a glass of warm milk or small bowl of fresh melons.

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