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Standing Workout – Total Body Workout

Step by step instructions for standing workout – total body workout:

1. Dancing Dog: Great Warm up To Stretch The Body And Elonegate The Spine

A. Start in downward Dog: Go on plank position on yoga mat. Tighten your core. Now lift your bum up in the air and reduce the distance between your legs and arms like upside down ‘V’ shape.
B. Lift Chest Up To Up Dog Face: Hold the floor with your palms and lift your upper body up supporting on toes and keep your head up.

Do these dancing dog moves for 12 times.

2. Butterfly Knees: Works Quads, Glutes, Thighs And Calves

A. Place your feet in first (‘V’ Shape), eleve and press your heels together.
B. Bend your knees and flap your butterfly wings (knees) outwards twice as your squat down and twice as you press them back.

Do these butterfly knees moves for 10 times.

3. Standing Side Squeeze: Focuses on Obliques And Total Body

A. Start standing with your left leg straight and your right leg pointed out to the side. Left arm out to the side, right arm straight up and keep the core tight.
B. Then bring your right leg up to meet your right arm. Hold and squeeze your obliques as much as possible. Bring your leg and arm back down to starting point.

Do these standing side squeeze moves for 10 times on each side.

4. Plie Squats: Works Legs And Glutes

Bring your legs out wide past your hips. Eleve onto the balls of your feet and begin squat pulsing. Keep your heels up! Stay lower to get most of it.

Do these plie squats moves for 15 times.

Standing Workout - Total Body Workout


Standing Workout – Total Body WorkoutBy Cassey Ho

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