Oct 252014

10 Secret Tips To Lose Weight Fast Naturally

10 Secret Tips To Lose Weight Fast Naturally

10 Secret Tips To Lose Weight Fast Naturally

Here are 10 secret tips to lose weight fast naturally:

1. Drink Plenty of Water
Water is a zero calorie drink but our body burn calories to process it. That’s why every time when we drink water our metabolism works and boosts which results excess fat burning. Sometime we feel like hungry but actually we are not. We are just dehydrated and drinking water trick works to fill our tummy and get hydrated. Water is also very good for teeth and glowing skin.

2. Have A Breakfast Every Morning
Start your day with eating healthy breakfast every morning. When you don’t eat breakfast, our body trick us to consume more calories for lunch, snacks and dinner time (throughout the day). Breakfast will feel you full all day long. Having breakfast is a healthy start of the day.

3. Be Active Whenever Possible
If possible, walk to every where. Whether you walk to work, school, shopping, etc…, just do it – Don’t be lazy. Use the staircase instead of lift. You can cycle as well, if you prefer but don’t drive (if its not to far away). Being active get your calorie burnt and boost your metabolism. This is one of the golden tips to lose weight fast naturally.

4. Eat Slowly And Enjoy The Meal
Do not rush to your breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks. Eat slowly, chew properly and enjoy every bite. When eat slowly, our body digest the food right away and give signal to mind we are full. Eating fast just builds up extra calories in the body and create the confusion between body and mind whether our stomach is full or not.

5. Create Positive Body Image
Stop focusing on parts of your body you don’t like, but compliment yourself on what you like about you. For example if you have problem core area, don’t think about it but of course do exercise and follow healthy diet to get in shape. Pay attention to your other shaped body part like leg, chest, arms, etc… and pride for having these toned body parts. Keep all negativity away from you and fill the positivity. It’s your body, before any changes can happen, you need to learn to love your body.

6. Weigh Yourself Weekly Basis
Do not weigh yourself everyday. It won’t do any good. Know your personal weight range to maintain your body. For accurate measurements, weigh yourself weekly on the same time of the day with roughly the same clothes on.

7. Listen To Your Craving
When we are craving for something and eat something instead, we still craving and feel hungry. Eat whatever you are craving for but eat in moderation. Do not eat too much neither too unhealthy. If you are craving for ice cream, eat ice cream one to two scoop not whole tub.

8. Do Not Diet
Forget about diets, it is not going to work. It only works for short period of time until you are doing diet. Follow the healthy eating instead of diet programs and change your word from ‘dieting’ to ‘healthy eating’. Change your mind set about diet. Diet is a actual healthy eating. This is one of the best tips to lose weight fast naturally.

9. Look After Yourself
Respect, listen and pamper your body. Get the food when your body needs, don’t starve yourself. Get the rest when your body feels tired. If you had hard week, treat your body by getting massage and relaxed your body. When your body and mind feel relaxed, you will be happy and sparkling star.

10. Don’t Be Emotional Eater
The stat of mind plays big role in our body. Whether we are happy, stressed or emotional, it impacts to our eating habit. It makes us to eat more and unhealthy food during this emotional situation. Try to get out from emotional situation by involving yourself in other activities like playing sports, talking with friends family, listening to music, watching your favourite program, etc…

Try these 10 secret tips to lose weight fast naturally and Start losing the weight from 1st month.