Dec 072014

Back On Fire Workout

You will need a 3-5 lb weight for the back on fire workout.

Back On Fire Workout

Back On Fire Workout

Step by step for back on fire workout:

1. T-Flys
Get on standing position holding the weighs in hands. Tuck the belly button in and chest out. Now take your one leg at back in the air about 90 degree (or little bit less). Bend other leg from knees slightly and ams hanging down. Take take your hands on side on shoulder level than get them down for 25 times. Hold the last one for few secs. If you get tired, get the leg down on the floor for few secs.

Now switch the legs and do the same moves for 25 times.

2. Good Morning
Stay in standing position, get your arms up with holding the weight and get down by the shoulder bending by the elbows and touching the weight on shoulder blade. Now bend from waist on front about 90 degree and take your back slightly out. Then get in original position. Do this move moves for 25 times.

3. Walnut Crusher
Stay in standing position. Keep your arms on side straight on shoulder level. Then slowly pull your elbows near your body bending from elbows and take elbows back squeezing your shoulder blade. Then get arms back on shoulder level. Do these moves for 25 times.

4. Mini Back Pulses
Stay in above position but take your elbow up on shoulder level at front then take elbows back squeezing your shoulder blade. Do these moves for 25 times.

5. Scarecrow
Stay in above position but take your weight up by head. Now take the weight down leaving elbows in same position then get the weight back up. Do this moves for 25 times.

6. Pushup To Renegade Row
Get down on front on floor. Lift your body up in the air balancing on your hand (keep the weight on the floor and balance on it by holding) and toes. Bring your body down until the chest nearly touches the floor then get back in the air. Then take one from elbow to your shoulder and get the arm back on the floor. Then do the pushup again and pull the other elbow to shoulder. Do the pushups and elbow pulling for 15 times.

7. Low Back Lift
Lie on your front. Chin up, keeping on one hand on another. Now slowly take your head up with chest and legs up in the air balancing on your tummy. Do this move for 15 times.

8. Heal Taps
Stay on above position on your tummy. Spread your arms out on sides in the air and tap your heals to each other on the air for 10 times.

9. Spear To Heal
Stay on above position on your tummy. Take your arm over head on shoulder level in the air and legs in the air touching each other. Now take take on body level on side without touching the floor and spread the legs out. Do this moves for 10 times.

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