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Dukan Diet Plan And Dukan Diet Reviews

The Dukan Diet Plan is a protein-based diet plan which was developed by French doctor Pierre Dukan. Dukan diet plan became immensely popular after a book based on it was published in the year 2000. According to statistics, more than 7 million copies of the Dukan Diet has been sold till date. Looking at the immense popularity of the book, it was adapted into 14 other languages and was also published in 32 countries.

The word diet is a term which is used very frequently. Well what exactly a diet is? In the most simplest words, diet can be described as the amount of food consumed by a person or any other living being. Diet is often used to imply specific intake of nutrition for weight management or health reasons.

Dukan Diet Plan

             Dukan Diet Plan – Phases Break Down

The basic concept of Dr. Dukan behind Dukan Diet was to prevent people suffering from obesity to regain their lost weight. The Dukan Diet comprises of 4 phases which are named as attack, cruise, consolidation and stabilization and the followers of this diet are allowed to consume from 100 different kinds of food. Out of these 100 foods, 28 food items are based on plant while the remaining 72 are based on animals. The first phase which is the attack phase enables dieters to lose 2 to 3 kilograms in just 2 to 7 days by kick-starting their metabolism. During this phase, dieters are allowed to eat from 72 lean protein-rich foods in whatever amount they want. You can consume food items like fish, eggs, cottage cheese etc. In the second phase, which is the cruise phase, dieters can gradually achieve the targeted weight by consuming protein rich foods and 28 specific vegetables. The third phase, known as the consolidation phase is designed to prevent any massive weight gain in the future. Also, in this phase, dieters can return to their balanced diet. In the last phase which is the stabilization phase, which is also known as maintenance phase. During this phase, people or rather say dieters are advise to follow three simple steps which includes going on a 20 minute walk daily, consuming 3 tablespoons of oat bran every day and having just protein based diet once in a week. According to Dr. Dukan, dieters must follow the stabilization phase all their life in order to avoid gaining weight.

Here are some of the major pros of the Dukan Diet Plan:

  • This diet has given many positive results and received positive feedback from the dieters.
  • With the Dukan diet plan, you can observe noticeable weight loss during the first phase. This fast loss in weight can provide you much needed motivation as well as momentum.
  • This diet plan is not just meant for weight loss but for weight maintenance too.
  • Dr. Dukan believed that calorie counting does not benefit on the long run because only a few people can measure everything they eat. This is why, his diet plan does not involve the mechanism of calorie counting.
  • During the consolidation and stabilization phase, dieters are allowed to have their favourite foods, thereby making their diet very much palatable.
  • Since, this diet allows consumption of a large amount of protein, it is much more appealing to meat lovers.
  • Most importantly, this diet plan involves normal foods, so dieters do not have to spend their money and time on looking for special foods and shakes. Thus it is an easy-to-follow diet.
  • Dukan diet is not just restricted to reduce weight. It has also proved to be useful in reducing systolic blood pressure as well as diastolic pressure by 10 mm Hg and 5 mm Hg respectively.

Almost everything in this world has some drawbacks as well as some benefits. Same is the case with the Dukan diet. Along with numerous benefits, this diet also has some side effects which are listed below.

    • Dukan diet has found to affect kidney functions in a bad way. It stresses the process of ketosis, the mechanism in which the body fat is attacked by the body itself. Since this diet is high in proteins and low in carbohydrates, it directly affects functions of the kidneys, thereby creating the chances of many kidney diseases.
    • This diet also increases the chance of osteoporosis. The reason behind this risk is that, the diet high in protein requires your body to process more and more calcium. Due to this high requirement of calcium, calcium is extracted from bones thereby leading to loss in bone density which in the long run leads to osteoporosis.
    • This diet can also lead to nutritional deficiencies as during the initial phase, dieters are not allowed to consume fibres as well as carbohydrates. As a result, body falls short of this essential nutrients, which can eventually cause constipation and diarrhea.
    • This diet also increases the chances vitamin E and vitamin B deficiency which in turn can cause irritable bowel syndrome in some people.
    • This diet is also found to increase blood levels of IGF-1 that can cause cancers such as colon cancer.
    • If you are at the risk of electrolyte imbalance then remember, this diet plan is not at all for you. You must avoid it at any cost.
    • Dukan diet is also found to cause some other side effects like dry mouth, bad breadth and it may also make you feel lethargic.
    • This diet can also prove to be a costly affair as protein diet is more expensive than carbohydrate diet. If you are choosing this diet for short period of time than it is fine as you can survive on eggs and milk products. But, if it is a long-term diet plan then you will need to consume other protein rich foods like meat, sea food etc. which are obviously costly. So if cost is a concern for you, then either go on a short-term diet or do not choose this diet plan.

Dukan diet is definitely a great diet plan developed by Dr. Dukan. It is an awesome diet plan for those who love meat.

Some dukan diet reviews from real dieter who uses dukan diet plan:

Dukan diet reviews

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