Jul 122015

HCG Diet Plan

People who want to reduce weight must be very familiar with the term diet. Diet simply means intake of specific amount of nutrients for weight management reasons. Various different dietitians recommends various different types of diets. Each diet has its own importance and usefulness. One such diet is HCG diet.

What actually is a HCG diet?

HCG diet is named after hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is produced in woman during pregnancy. This diet involves consumption of HCG hormone. People following the HCG diet plan have to keep a strict control over their intake of calories. They can have only 500 calories per day. If dieters follow this diet properly, they can lose their weight very fast. Here are some of the advantages of the HCG diet.

The advantages of the HCG diet.

One of the best things about HCG diet plan is that dieters do not need to exercise. So, if you have a hectic work schedule and you cannot spare anytime for exercise, then don’t worry. You can still lose your weight by following this diet. Dieters will just have to take a HCG hormone daily. This HCG would release stores of fat into the bloodstream so that it can be used as energy throughout the day. Due to this reason, dieters do not have exercise as fat is already getting released though hormone injections. Also dieters are allowed to have only a 500 calorie diet each day in order to lose weight rapidly.

HCG Diet PlanAnother benefit of HCG diet is that it allows you to lose weight very quickly and easily. If you are not too patient when it comes to losing weight, then this HCG diet plan is definitely for you. Well not just one, but there several different types of HCG diets and you can pick any one of your choice or which looks the most convenient to you. If you want to lose weight as quickly as you can, then you can opt for the shortest HCG diet plan which lasts only 15 days. With this diet plan, you can lose 10-20lbs. If you are patient enough and want to lose more weight, then you can opt for the longest HCG diet plan which lasts for 90 days. But, with this diet plan, you can get rid of 90lbs of your body fat. There are several other plans and it is completely your choice to prefer weight over days or days over weight.

The foods approved for HCG diet contain lean proteins, vegetables and fruits. The best part about these allowable food items is that they contain no starch or sugar. Thus, if you are looking to eat something healthy, then HCG diet allowable foods are for you.

The HCG diet has proved to be very beneficial for those people who just want to lose a few pounds. Also, if you are afraid of injections then you can even take this diet in the form of pills or drops. So, if you were saying to this diet because of injections, then you must convert your no into yes as you now know the other alternatives which are the painless ones.

The HCG drops have some benefits like it helps you to control your hunger pangs so that you can stick to your low calorie diet very easily. These drops also helps in detoxification of body and burns all the accumulated fat. Most importantly, taking these drops is very easy. However, the amount of drops to be taken or the daily dose varies from person to person.

Is HCG Diet for everyone?

No doubt, with HCG diet you can lose fast much faster than having low calorie diet. But, it is not necessary that this diet will suit everyone. Like every coin has two faces, similarly, every diet has some benefits as well as some side effects. This is the case with HCG diet too. Although this diet has proven results, it is said to have some side effects too. Here are some of the drawbacks of this crash diet.

The biggest drawback of the HCG diet plan is that it has not been approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States. They even warn the dieters of the health risks associated with this diet plan. The reason this diet program is considered to have health risks is due to the calorie restrictions at 500, which is actually very severe. It is not the intake of HCG hormone but the calorie restriction which causes the dieters to lose weight rapidly. The HCG hormone seems to have only a little or no effect at all in the weight loss. This method of losing weight is actually considered to be very unhealthy by many experts.

Another drawback of this diet program is that it does not involve any kind of physical exercise which could actually help in building up of muscle tissue. Also, there is not even a single long term study on this diet program which could actually make us aware about how would it affect dieter’s body over time.

The HCG drops, an alternative for HCG injections, has been approved by FDA by it can also cause some side effects like abdominal pain, nausea etc. These side effects can affect your menstrual cycle. Moreover, you must stick to the HCG diet even after you have lost your desired weight. This is because, once you go back to your normal eating habits, you will put on weight very rapidly and you will have to start all over again.

When you plan to go on a HCG diet, remember that you will have to take a lot of precautions like restricting daily consumption to just one spoon in a day, having lots of lean proteins, having moderate amounts of sugary fruits and nuts etc. Undoubtedly, the HCG diet has many benefits. But, there are some major health risks associated with this diet plan which makes it unfit for a large number of people. So, you must gather enough information and if possible, consult a doctor before following this diet program because one should never take risk when it comes to your health.