Jul 132014

Hip Hop Abs Workout

Fitness trainer Shaun T will show you best hip hop dance techniques to burn the fat from full body and get six-pack abs. No issue if you are beginner of dancing or even you can’t dance at all, in this hip hop abs workout dvds Shaun T gives away all step by step moves, and you’ll be burning the fat and get new body in no time. Hip Hop Abs workout is designed to get flat, sexy abs without ever doing a single crunch or sit-up.

6 day slim down plan get about 4 inches off from your waist line in just 6 days in this hip hop abs workout!

What do you get in Hip Hop Abs Workout Package?

10 total amazing workouts on 3 DVDs,
Nutrition Guide,
30 Day Workout Calendar,
Measurement card & Tape measure,
Results on the Run Diet Guide, and
6 Day Slim Down Plan.

10 Amazing Workouts For:
Secrets to Flat Abs (13 minutes)
Fat Burning Cardio (30 minutes)
Ab Sculpt (25 minutes)
Total Body Burn (45 minutes)

BONUS: Hips, Buns and Thighs Workout (25 minutes)
BONUS: Learn to Dance with Shaun T (3 dance workout routines)
BONUS: Last Minute Abs
BONUS: Last Minute Buns