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Tracey Mallett: Tabata Cardio Workout- Weight Loss

Tracey Mallett: Tabata Cardio Workout for Weight Loss

Tracey Mallett: Tabata Cardio Workout for Weight Loss is an explosive, 4 minute Tabata routine that you can do and uses anywhere.

It really is short 20 second bursts of high intensity intensive training followed by 10 second rests, to elevate the heart rate, shake up the metabolism, and push the body off of its plateau in order to burn maximum calories and reach the body’s ultimate fat-burning potential.

Prepare to sweat off the pounds and challenge your mental strength with World-Renowned Fitness and Wellness Expert, Pilates Master, and Nutritionist Tracey Mallett as she explains the health and fitness benefits of adding a Tabata routine to any workout and demonstrates plyometric moves like plié squat jumps, and ski jumpers that are designed to melt fat and sculpt lean muscle as you work all of the major muscles of your body.

Firm and tighten the legs, inner thighs, hips, butt, abs, back, chest, arms, back, calves and obliques in this full body work out which will activate the core and shrink the waistline. Workout with among the best trainers available right from house with this intense segment which can be modified to match any skill level, and requires no equipment. Be sure to hydrate during every rest period and keep track of your times!

Try applying the Tabata method to other cardio activities such as swimming, cycling, and plyometrics. Look and feel your best with BeFiT!

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30 Min. CARDIO HIIT Full Body Workout for Weight Loss

30 Min. CARDIO HIIT Full Body Workout for Weight Loss

This 30 minute HIIT routine is really a killer workout that’ll assist you to skyrocket calories, build cardiovascular strength, and become on the way to a far more lean, toned, and firm… YOU!

This intense workout begins with a straightforward warm-up and stretch and ends with an awesome down stretch to get your body back in order… but don’t let that fool you – this is 30 minutes of sweat inducing, blood pumping, body training that slams traditional [boring] cardio on its head. You will not only concentrate on cardiovascular exercises, but you will also build strength as you work your complete body (upper and lower) – switching from explosive strength moves to hyper aerobic exercises for the simplest way to get rid of fat.

Turn on your preferred workout music and let’s “DO THIS THANG!” How many calories can you burn in 30 minutes?