Nov 222014

Killer Leg Workout

This leg workout is performed in narrow squat position.

Killer Leg Workout

Steps for the killer leg workout:

1. Narrow Squat Slider

Get in standing position. Bend the legs from the knees holding the hands together straight and get in squat move. Keep the legs together without any space in between. Now take your right leg out on side touching with toe on the floor and get back same way. Do this moves for 15 times. Then switch the legs and do moves for further 15 times on other leg.

2. Narrow Squat Lifter

Stay in same position as above. Take your right leg on take off the floor. Then lift up and down. Do this moves for 15 times. Switch the leg and repeat the moves for 15 times for other leg.

Repeat the whole set of Narrow Squat Slider.

Then repeat the whole set of Narrow Squat Lifter.

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