Dec 222014

Interesting Ways To Lose Weight

8 Interesting Ways To Lose Weight

Weight loss routine can be boring but adopt these 8 interesting ways to lose weight in your daily life to interesting ways to lose weight.

8 interesting ways to lose weight:

1. Hang Up Your Goal Dress
Hang up your goal size dress or bikini where you can see everyday to get that size. It will remind you every time when you see that dress or bikini to get into that size.

2. Eat On Blue Plates
Eating in blue plate will feel you your tummy is full and you don’t feel hungry so often. It is a reverse psychology. It is psychologically proven that McDonald yellow and red colour make you more and more hungry and blue less hungry.

3. More Sleep! Less Belly Fat!
When you sleep less, your stress and cholesterol rate level go high and fat circulated by hips and belly. It makes your bloated with fat.

4. Listen To Faster Music During Workout
Play higher bpm music when you do workout. It will help to move your body fast automatically and you will have high heart beat will results more calories burn.

5. Do Weight Bearing Exercises
Weight bearing exercises will help you muscle building and more muscles means less fat. Your metabolism will go high too by doing weight bearing exercises.

6. Drink More Water
Sometimes we think we are hungry but truth is we are actually thirsty. Water is not only feel you hydrated but it will boost your metabolism since it has zero calories, you will ends up losing calories without gaining any. It will also helps you to glow your skin.

7. Have An Audience
Having an audience doesn’t mean get up on stage and dance. Go on facebook, instagram, pinterest or create blog about your weight loss plan and follow similar interested people. This way you will have little audience who will follow your goals and check your progress. This is how you can keep yourself motivated.

8. Write It Down
Write down whatever you do to weight related. For example, what time you are having breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner, What time or how many time you are drinking water, What time and which exercises, workouts you are doing, etc… This way you can track what you ate, how much you drink, how much and how long exercises are done.

Follow these 8 interesting ways to lose weight regularly and see results yourself!

Aug 202014

10 Vegetables To Lose Weight

As we all know vegetables are very healthy food when comes to lose the weight and health. But there is a catch on selection of right veggies. By choosing the right vegetables, you are stepping forward for long term weight loss, and healthy lifestyle. Seriously, you don’t need to eat only¬† raw food to eat to lose weight. The fat free cooking process are steaming, grilling and baking, it gives delicious taste to our mouth and same time keeping us healthy.

Vegetables To Lose Weight

10 Vegetables To Lose Weight

Here is the list of 10 vegetables to lose weight:

1. Cucumber – 100g contains 15 calories
Cucumber contains about 90% water in, that is why it has only a few calories per serving. On the other hand cucumber give us only modest nutritional benefits.

2. Asparagus – 100g contain 20 calories
Asparagus is full of fiber vitamins and minerals and fiber. It provides nutrition while combating hunger.

3. Spinach – 100g contain 23 calories
This green leafy vegetable great when it comes to calorie counts. It is not only help to lose weight but also it reduces the incidence of cardiovascular disease, cancer and cataracts.

4. Tomatoes – 100g contain 18 calories
Tomatoes are rich in vitamins C, A, and K, giving with full of nutrients and contain minimal calories.

5. Zucchini (Courgette) – 100g contain 16 calories
Zucchini (Courgette) is a top class choice to lose weight, that’s because level of low calories.

6. Cabbage – 100g contain 25 calories
Cabbage provides essential nutrients, vitamins and fiber, and is fat free and cholesterol free. Don’t worry about its taste, there are different delicious ways to cook cabbage and make it delicious in taste. Cabbage soup diet is very famous for weight loss.

7. Bell peppers – 100g contain 20 calories
Bell pepper, a great weight loss food contain capsaicin which is a natural metabolism booster.

8. Eggplant – 100g contain 24 calories
Eggplant is also low in calories. It provides many health benefits also because it contains vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants.

9. Mung Beans Sprouts – 100g contain 30 calories
Mung Beans Sprouts are rich in nutrients. It is full of protein. You can cook as stir fry or curried or eat raw as in salad.

10. Carrots – 100g contain 29 calories
Carrot is known for snacking and munching. It is a great hunger fighter contains natural sugar.

Some Diet Plans To lose Weight:

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Jul 162014

5 Best Ways to Lose Weight

5 Best Ways to Lose Weight

5 Best Ways to Lose Weight

Tip # 1: Drink Water

If it is possible, drink iced or chilled water. Water is an actual zero calorie drink. It burn calories during process of digestion. Water flushes out toxin from our body. Iced and chilled water burns more calories and boost metabolism as our body first bring iced or chilled water to our body temperature. Drink at least 8-12 glasses of water. You can drink flavoured water like adding slices of cucumber, mint leaves, lemon or lime, orange wedges, etc…, if you are too fussy with plain water. Whenever you feel hungry drink iced or chilled water. You might be just thirsty and your body is trying to trick with you for food. Always drink one glass water before every meal.

Tip # 2: Cut The Refined Carbs From Diet

Refined carbs (simple carbs) are sugar, white flour, white rice, etc… Refined carbs are digested and stored easily. It makes you hungry as it gets digest quickly and makes us to eat more food. Cut the refined carbs from diet and add complex carbs like brown floured products, brown rice, etc…and different vegetables.

Tip # 3: Don’t Eat Fruit After 2 PM

Sounds crazy but it’s true fruits contain a lot sugar and carbs. It’s great as sugar and carbs in fruits are complex. But if you don’t eat fruits after 2 PM, our body gets a lot time to burn these carbs and sugar out. After 2 PM we have only ave. 8 hours to go to bed and hour body is not as active as in the morning. So, chances are carbs and sugar will be stored in our body.

Tip # 4: Don’t Be A Cardio Bunny

Don’t spend extensive hours in gym to do cardio. Instead go pilates and HIIT workouts. Pilates and HIIT will boost your metabolism which can burn your calories all the time even when you are sleepping.

Tip # 5: Write Down What You Eat

Yes, tip # 5 says itself. Write down everything you eat. This way you can keep control with foods and don’t cheat with diet. If you cheat, you are cheating with yourself remember this.

These 5 best ways to lose weight is provided by fitness expert Cassey Ho!