Jul 262014

Lower Belly Flattener Workout

Step by step instructions for lower belly flattener workout:

Lower Belly Flattener Workout

Lower Belly Flattener Workout By Cassey Ho

1. The Hundreds
Bring your hands straight, get chin down to chest and slowly roll down to yoga mat. Lift legs up bending from knees and keeping straight. Lift your head up. Keep arms straight without touching the floor. Keep your arms bouncing for hundred times. After bouncing 50 times, get leg straight up. Then after bouncing 25 times, get the legs little bit down but keep straight and finish remaining 25 bounce. Exhale and inhale.

2. Double Leg Stretch
Bring your knees to chest and put your arms around knees like hugging your knees. Then bring leg straight and arms back over head. Do double leg stretch for 10 times.

3. Barbie Feet
Take your leg up straight and get a little down but keep them straight. Put your hands behind the head and lift the head up. Keep kicking the legs like fluttering for 20 secs.

4. Reverse Crunch
Keep your arms straight touching the floor. Lift the leg up and bend them from the knees. Keep the one foot over another like twisting them. Now slowly lift the legs up in the air with lifting your lower body up. Do this reverse crunch exercise for 20 times.

5. 1-2-3 Crunch
Lift legs up bending from knees and keeping straight. Keep your hands behind your head. Take your one knee to chest (as much as you can) then switch another knee. Do this exercise for 3 times and do a little crunch. Means knee to chest 3 times 1-2-3 then crunch.

6. Heel Clicks
Keep your hands under your bum for support. Keep your legs straight up in the air. Drop the legs down a little bit and hold for 10 secs. Then tap the heels for 30 times. Drop the legs a little bit more down without touching the floor. Do the double leg stretch here.

7. See Saw Abs
Keep hands behind the head and lift the head up. Keep the leg straight up in the air. Do a little crunch then lift upper body up legs down without touching the floor, then lift legs up and get upper body down the floor. Repeat for 10 times.

8. Helicopters
Put your hands under your hips. Legs straight up in the air. Now do criss cross between the legs. Get the legs down and up while doing criss cross.

9. Corkscrew
Lean back your upper body and get support with keeping your forearms on floor. Now move your legs clockwise then anti-clockwise for 5 time.

10. Single Leg Drop
Stay in same position as above. Keep your legs straight up in the air. Now drop leg without touching the floor and bring back up again. Drop another leg and bring back up in the air. Do single leg drop for 10 times.

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