Dec 172015

Perfect 10 Abs Moves

Here are perfect 10 abs moves for ab flattening and core tightening. All you need is a mat for this perfect 10 abs moves.

Perfect 10 Abs Moves

Perfect 10 Abs Moves:

1. Roll-up with Twist

To begin with first exercise, lie straight on your back with your hands behind the nape of your neck and legs hip-width apart. Inhale and as you exhale roll-up such that your back is straight and legs still extended in front of you. Now twist towards your left and go back down. Again roll-up and twist to your right and lie down. This is one count. Repeat this five more times and move to the second exercise.

2. Ankle Reaches

While lying straight on your back, raise both your legs upto 90 degrees. Now touch outside of your left ankle with your right hand and your right ankle with your left hand. Ensure that your legs are straight and do not rest your head on the ground after every touch. Do this 15 times by alternating sides and then relax.

3. Flutters

Place your hands below your hips and raise angle at around 120 degrees from the floor. Now take both your legs a little away from each other and bring them close such that both your ankles touch each other. Do this continuously for about 40 seconds. Make sure your lower back is pressed into the mat and you are not straining your neck.

4. Criss-Crosses

For this move, put your hands again behind your neck, bend your knees and lift your legs up. Now straighten your right leg and crunch towards your left knee. Without resting your head on the floor. Do the same thing on the other side. This is one move. Do 15 such moves without any break and then relax.

5. Eagle Crunch

Cross your knees and ankles and your arms too. Now crunch upwards such that your elbow touch your knee and lie down. Do 15 repetitions. You half way through to perfect 10 abs moves.

6. Hollow Rock

Lie straight on your back. Extend your hands right above your head with fingers crossed. Cross your ankles. Lift your legs and upper body a little bit and then start rolling like a rocking chair. Do this for about 25 seconds.

7. Russian Twist

Sit down, bend your knees, lift your legs up and cross your ankles. Now, put your left palm over your right palm and tap your elbow on the ground, first your left elbow and then right elbow. Try to maintain your balance as you do so. Do 15 such repetitions by alternating sides.

8. Corkscrew

Lie down on your back and lift your upper body while balancing with your arm. Now rotate both your legs one time in clockwise direction and then in anticlockwise direction. Do 6-8 such repetitions.

9. Plank Twist

Get down in plank position such that all your weight rests on your arms and your body is in straight line. Now twist your body first to the left and then to the right. Do 10 such repetitions.

10. Plank

Get down into push-up positions with your hands under your shoulder and legs extended backwards. Now move back and forth without moving your hands and legs from its position. Do this for about 20-30 seconds.

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