Nov 302014

Plank Workout

You will need a 3-5 lb weight for this plank workout.

Plank Workout

Steps for the plank workout:

1. Bicep Curl
Get on plank position balancing on your palms or forearms and toes. Then bend your knees and balance on floor on knees. Twist the foot with each other. Hold weight on one hand, fold your elbow and keep down to floor. Now lift your forearm 10 time slowly. Switch the weight in other arm and lift for 10 more times.

2. Tricep Kickback
Stay in above position. Keep your arm straight line as your body in the air with holding weight. Then old from elbow taking forearm down and then up in same position. Do these moves for 10 time and then switch the weight in other arm and do same moves for 10 time.

3. Elbow Raise
Stay in same position. Fold the arm from elbow with holding the weight. Now lift elbows on side and down. Keep the hand with weight in same position, just move your elbow. Do elbow raise for 10 time. Then switch the weight in other arm and do same moves for 10 more times.

4. Cobra Pushup
Get on your palms and toes. Take your bottom up taking small gap between legs and arms like upside down V shape. Do the push up by taking your body at front without touching the floor. Then get back in original upside down V shape position. Do the cobra pushup 3 times.

5. Child’s Pose
Get on your knees sitting on them. Keep your arms straight up in the air and take your arms and upper body on floor bending from waistline. Touch the floor with your arms and get the head down. Stay in this position for 5-10 secs.

6. Relaxer
Get on your knees (half standing). Twist the hands to each other. Now slowly lift arms up just a little bit and keep doing for 60 secs.

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