Jun 212015

Total Body Shred Workout

Total Body Shred Workout By BeFiT

Steps for the Total Body Shred Workout:

All these moves are to be done continuously for 30 seconds to do total body shred workout. Stand with your feet apart and your hands on your waist.

Try to sit down on an imaginary chair and then get up. As you stand up, push your hips a little forward and squeeze your glutes as you go down. Put all your weight on your heels to protect your knees.

Squat Jumps
As you finish your 30 seconds squats, take a small jump with your both arms up and sit in squat position. Again take a jump and sit back in squat position. Do this continuously for 30 seconds.

Dumbbell Row
Grab your weights (3-10lbs). Take your weights at a level slightly lower than your knees and then squeeze them up in a row. Keep up a firm core while doing this exercise and shift your weight to your heels.

Alternating Power rows with Rotation
While maintaining the same posture as in the previous exercise, squeeze up your arms in a row alternately. Do this at a faster pace and keep breathing.

Reverse Lunges
With weights in your hand, stand straight. Now, take your right leg backward with weight on your toes and bend your knees. Your knees should not touch the ground. Bring your right leg back to its position and take left leg backwards. Keep your back straight while doing this.

Power Lunges
You can do this move with or without weights. If you do not have weights for this move, join your hands in prayer position. Take your right leg behind your body with weights on your toes and knees bent. Take a jump and switch to other leg. You won’t come to your standing position with both feet together as you switch legs.

Dumbbells Shoulder Press
With the dumbbells in your hand, lift your hands up at 90 degree angle. Your arms should be in line with your shoulders. Take your hands straight up, join them and again bring down to 90 degrees angle position.

Half way through to Total Body Shred Workout.

Alternating Power Press
You have to do shoulder press but raise hands alternately instead of both the hands together. Do at a faster pace.

Biceps Curl
Sit on the floor, shift back, lift your legs up and with weights in your hand, lift your lower arm up to the shoulder and then bring it down but don’t touch the ground. Keep your belly tight.

Working Biceps, Abs and Glutes
You have to do biceps curls but now you have to push your legs out together as you take your arms down and push your legs in as you lift your arms up. Your legs should be straight as you push them out.

Push Ups
Lie down on the ground. Put your hands under the shoulder and with your legs straight, lift your body up. Push your body straight up and down.

Push Up/ Shoulder Taps
After each push up, you have to tap your shoulder. Do a push up, tap your left shoulder, then again do a push up and tap your right shoulder.

Plie/Overhead Triceps Combo
Stand straight with your feet apart and tilted in opposite direction. Hold one dumbbell vertically in both your hands and take it straight above your head. Now sit down in a squat position and then stand up. Your hands will also move up and down along with your body.

Plie/Overhead Triceps Combo with Jump
Go down in squat position take a jump and stand straight. Do this continuously for 30 seconds. This is the last exercise of total body shred workout.

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