May 152016

Glutes and Thigh Trimdown Workout

The glutes and thigh trimdown workout routine comprises of 7 moves which needs to be performed back to back. Moreover, you have to do this entire routine 4 times. So put on your comfortable clothes and get ready to carry out this amazing lower body workout routine.

Glutes & Thighs Trimdown Workout

Glutes & Thigh Trimdown Workout

Squats: To begin with your glutes and thigh trimdown routine, stand with your feet hip-width apart, your heels digging into the floor and toes lifted up a little bit. This will be your starting position. Now pretend that you are sitting on a chair and get back to the starting position. As you go down and come up, keep your chest super-lifted and belly button in. Do 10-15 repetitions and move on the next exercise.

Bridges: Get down on the floor with your back lying straight on the mat and your knees bent not too far away from your hips. Now lift up your body such that your feet and shoulders do not move from their position and your entire body is inclined. Come down and repeat 10-15 times. Put your arms on your sides to balance your body. As you lift up, squeeze your butt cheeks together.

Single Legged Bridge: For this move, you will have to stay in the bridge position from the previous move. Lift your right leg straight up and now bring your hips down gently. Again lift your hips up while keeping your right leg straight up and bring down. Do 8-10 repetitions and then switch to the left leg.

Single Leg Circles: Lie straight on your back. Now lift your right leg straight up. You are going to ring that leg out and over the body in clockwise direction. Do 10 such repetitions and then start moving your leg in anti-clockwise direction. Inhale as you move your leg down and exhale as you move your leg up. Do 10 repetitions and then switch to the other leg.

Sideways Scissors: Lie straight on your back with knees bent and hands on your sides. Lift both your legs straight up such that they form an angle of 90 degrees with your body. Now move your legs away from each other and again bring them close to each other such that they cross each other just like a pair of scissors.

Dancing Animal: Get down on all fours like an animal. Now get into push-up position by extending your legs backwards and hands right under your shoulders. Ensure that only your toes and not heels are touching the floor. Lift your hips upward as much as you can without taking your hands off the ground. Now get back to the animal pose but such that your knees stay in air and do not touch the ground. Do 10 such repetitions.

Plank Jack: This is the final move of the glutes and thigh trimdown workout routine. Get down in the plank position with your hands under your shoulders and legs extended backwards. Move your legs out and in together just like you perform jumping jacks.

Follow this amazing glutes and thigh trimdown workout routine and trim down your thighs and glutes.